Over the holidays, likely because I was reconnecting with old friends, family and new acquaintances, I found myself frequently answering the question, “What do you do?”   My typical initial response to that question is “I’m in Marketing” … but, undoubtedly that answer leads to a follow on set of questions including “What type of Marketing?”, “What is digital marketing?”, etc.  When we finally get to the point where I’m explaining the concept of “Inbound Marketing” and why it’s important, I find myself breaking down the concept of “getting found online” into what I believe are the three fundamental pillars of inbound marketing.

1.  Site Architecture:

  • Site & Information Organization (make easy for search engines to crawl)
  • Domain & URL Structue
  • Page Titles

2.  Site Content:

  • Unique Content (not duplicated, not regurgitated from another site, etc.)
  • Valuable to Targeted Audience/Visitors (important because if other’s find it valuable, they’ll link to it and inbound links help in SEO)
  • KW usage (body copy, page titles, page headlines, etc.)
  • Recency & Frequency of New Content Creation (this is why blogs are important – read starting a business blog – key considerations for more details on the topic of blogging for business)

3. Promotion to Get:

  • Inbound Links (both the quantity & quality of external links pointing to your site & pages matters – this is why a link building strategy is critical for Inbound Marketing & SEO success)
  • Visitors (the more eyeballs and traffic to your site, the more likely someone is to convert)

Of course the above is not exhaustive and there are certainly subtleties to all of the above, but, using the Architecture – Content – Promotion pillars to explain to lay-persons what I do to help businesses “get found online” helps!