a friend recently asked me for advice in helping them think through their personal brand.  that request, combined with recent conversations with local recruiters + hiring managers about their approach to id’ing, screening + hiring makes it evident that we’re now operating in a recruiting 2.0 (moving quickly to recruiting 3.0) environment.  so, why not apply the basic online marketing + inbound marketing best practices and principles (aka marketing 2.0) to building, marketing + optimizing an individuals personal brand?

“digital interviews” have become an effective and efficient way to screen job candidates.  unfortunately, this process, hampers a candidate’s opportunity to personally connect with those hiring. in the past, this personal connection was accomplished via phone screens, face-to-face meetings and even cover letters.  all the more reason a robust online personal brand is important – it’s your opportunity to get a portion of that personal connection back, tout your subject-matter-expertise and express your personality,

to that end I’m starting a series of posts to provide actionable steps to help anyone interested develop their personal brand  and build out their online presence and exposure.  below are the six steps, to be covered in more detail in upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

  1. get crystal on what you want to be known for? – this is your personal elevator pitch. we all have a resume’s worth of experience + skills to tout but it’s important to focus on 1-3 most important things you  want to be known for when building out your online brand.
  2. get a presence think linkedin (mine – lizmolitor), twitter (@lizmmolitor), blog
  3. id your personality – clever, controversial, funny or serious – think apple vs. microsoft, target vs. nordstom
  4. create content – blog, white papers, articles, etc.
  5. have an opinion – see #3 … it’s ok to dissent + debate
  6. promote yourself – comment on blogs, tweet, speak, etc.