After over 20 years of marketing in the start-up and enterprise environments, I’ve seen lots of stellar and not-so-stellar marketing executions and efforts. I’ve seen the marketing universe morph from brand-centric, mass media, in-your-face, interruptive tactics (aka outbound marketing) … to more user-centric, user-driven, customized, opt-in, value add, time-shifted, delivered when/where/how-you-want-it (aka inbound marketing).

Despite traditional, mass media, outbound marketing’s glamour … a la Mad Men (I’ve been privy to that world myself … and it was a good ride!), many factors over the 10+ years have influenced the rise in importance of strategic inbound marketing.

  • Maturity of digital space & personal productivity technology – (can you say iPhone, SEO, SEM etc?)
  • Increased customer savvy – there’s a reason i get solicited to less than my parents … i know how to work the system
  • Privacy demands – (caller id, do not call list, spam filters etc.)
  • Time shifting of marketing demand – technology advancements & user-demand have led to the time-shifting of marketing.  A”sell to me on my terms, when I invite you to do so” consumer attitude & enabling technologies like Tivo (DVR), pop-up blockers, spam filters, do-not-call lists, caller ID, CAN-SPAM regulations and the like have changed when/how marketers reach customers.

To that end, I’ve decided to take my background and experience in the interactive and inbound marketing space to help businesses evolve their marketing strategy and begin leveraging the transformative value and ROI of inbound marketing and the interactive space to grow their business.

If you are interested in discussing how interactive/inbound marketing can contribute to your business objectives, let’s start a dialog!   You can follow me on Twitter @lizmmolitor , connect with me on LinkedIn or respond to this post!